MyFootopia Podiatry Practice is located in Hudson Valley, New York.

We are dedicated to providing house call services to homebound patients.

“Homebound” does NOT mean that a patient has to be “bed bound” to qualify. The patient is considered “homebound” under Medicare if her/she cannot leave home without “considerable and taxing effort”.

This means that if a patient has an injury or illness that makes it difficult to leave home.

if the patient:

  • Requires the aid of supportive devices (wheelchair or walker)

  • Requires the use of special transportation

  • Needs the assistance of another person

  • Has a condition that leaving the home is medically contraindicated

  • Symptoms of the disease process (such as pain, SOB or confusion) worsen when leaving the home

  • The patient can leave home for medical treatment (such as chemotherapy or dialysis) or for receiving therapeutic and psychosocial treatment (such as through a certified adult day care program).

a full description from Medicare can be found here.

If you or a family member qualify for this service, please call us Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm at 845-232-0970

Please make sure that your primary care doctor provides a referral by faxing to 845-230-8625.